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Yashar (Iran)

After being in Canada for 3 years as a refugee, my claim and my appeal were both rejected and I was sent to the immigration holding center in the summer of 2012. There I was awaiting the deportation to my home country, the date of my deportation was already set and I didn’t have much hope that I would be allowed to stay in Canada.

The people who were helping me didn’t appear to care about my case anymore and never even visited me once in the center. Then my pastor introduced me to Chantal and her office and everything changed. When I first met her and she explained what she intended to do about my case, I finally got hope that after all I might be able to stay in Canada.

Chantal immediately jumped on my case, worked weekends and didn’t even ask for any fees in advance – she was the first lawyer I met who didn’t ask for money first. Because my case was urgent, she did not waste any time and she and her team were incredibly engaged. For example her assistant Sam came to every single court date I had to attend while being held in the detention center.

I personally know many immigrants who came to Canada and ended up with people who did not help them or only took the money. My advice to everybody who reads this: hire Chantal for your case! Out of all the immigration professionals I met in Canada she is the only one who really helped me. She is extremely professional and deeply cares for her customers. If every refugee had a lawyer like Chantal from the very beginning, there would be less trouble afterwards and people would not spend lots of money before finally turning to a great lawyer like Chantal!

I will always be grateful to Chantal, Sam, Angelina, Ken and the rest of the office team!

Ruban R Sivanadian & Family

I am delighted to write this to show OUR GRATITUDE towards Madam Chantal’s professional service at Desloges Carvajal Law Group.

In the past 36 years in Canada, I have dealt with many different types of legal professionals and representatives at Commissions, Review Commission, Tribunals and Courts, including Federal Court of Appeal, but no one have ever provided the service as professional as madam Chantal.

Madam Chantal has displayed her true professional colour and characters with devotion and compassion. Her collaboration, communication and dialogs were open and clear, and she well executed her undertaking at this very difficult time.

Madam Chantal is very experience and knowledgeable in Immigration Laws. Madam Chantal’s staff, Mr. Mitchell Kevin Perlmutter also second to none and he is very professional, thorough and has lots of patience in dealing with me.

At this lock-down time, I am overwhelmed by Madam Chantal’s and Mitchell’s willingness to help and extend their service. Madam Chantal had offered her personal service to drop-off and pickup documents near my home address and at the same time Mitchell came to the office only to finish-off and file my application with Immigration Canada. These are not just service or help but are dedication and pure devotion towards their clients and professionalism.

We need more professionals in their character and caliber and we are blessed to have someone like Madam Chantal and hard working person like Mitchell.

God-bless Madam Chantal and Desloges Carvajal Law Group.

M. Ishak And T. Nagieb (Egypt)

There are no single adjectives to begin to describe the impeccable character and work ethics of Chantal Desloges and associates. They strive for success in keeping their promise through establishing a relationship with the client, providing updates of the case on a regular basis and most effectively portray affectionate care. Their character is essentially portrayed in their hard work. Through her hard work, reliability and trustworthiness, Chantal made my family’s dream come true. God bless her. 

Chantal Desloges and associates essentially add value in their work through simply keeping their promise. After she was confronted with a hopeless case (the deportation of my mother), Chantal accepted it and promised she would do everything in her power to bring my mother back from Cairo, Egypt. Not only did she diligently do her best, yet she succeeded as a specialist in citizenship and immigration law, as she successfully managed to bring back my widowed mother (and grandmother to three) back from what is known as a developing country. This evidently led to our happiness as our family became a whole again.

Simply saying thank you to Chantal and her team is not enough. Through her effort and much spent time she managed to do what many of us thought was impossible. She one of the few lawyers today I can willingly trust as she fulfills her promise to the best of her ability. Meeting Chantal was memorable day as she gave me hope (when all was lost) in bringing back my back mother.

As I cried in telling her my story, she stood up saying, “I promise you I will bring back your mother”. Today, my mother lives with me (after being brought back on the 25th of August 2010) and is being taken care of under the supervision of my son, brother and I. She is happier and healthier than ever and is extremely grateful to Chantal.

May God Bless Her and her associates.

M. Couture (Sri Lanka)

I first came in contact with Chantal Desloges as a student at Seneca College where I was taking a preparation course for my immigration consultancy examination. As a teacher Chantal made complex issues understandable, was patient with all requests for further clarifications and was prepared to spend additional time with her students after classes.

These characteristics led me to feel that if I was lucky maybe I could obtain some kind of a working relationship with her in the longer run. To that end I have been requesting and obtaining support in my practise from her ever since and directing all cases that require the services of a member of the bar such as Judicial Reviews, to her directly. She has been consistent fair in her assessments of probable outcomes for clients allowing them to make clear and informed decisions on their legal matters.

Chantal provides to each client or associate a sense of personal commitment to their interests, a willingness and generosity to apply her extraordinary analytical skills to their problems, all of which renders the Desloges experience a truly professional one.

V. Dhawan P.eng (India)

I am a current client of Chantal Desloges, and I came to know about her from a colleague of mine at work. Considering that I work in Calgary and to have her recommended as a lawyer in Toronto, speaks volume of her lasting impression on people who have worked with her.

It find her very helpful and professional in her approach. Personally it has always been very important for me to develop mutual trust early on in my dealings. And I found that Chantal has that ability to make you feel comfortable, while advising you to an honest feedback with a best possible solution.
I think she adds value by understanding the cultural aspect of the problem, and providing a solution accordingly.I am very pleased with the service provided by Chantal Desloges law firm, and because of that, It was a never a difficult decision for me to move my case along with Chantal, when she started her own law firm.

Her assistants are very efficient and reply back to e-mail questions very promptly. The review of documents by the assistants is complete and very efficient.

I wish them all the best for all the good work that they are doing and hope they will keep providing the services for years to come.

S. Aminian (Iran)

I am a former client of Mrs.Chantal Desloges. I happened to get to know her when she came to visit me when I was incarcerated in Thorold detention centre in 1998. Earlier I had applied for refugee status but my claim was refused and a deportation order to my native land, Iran where I would be persecuted was my biggest concern. I had no idea who she was but my Christian friends who were praying for my situation, they had earlier met with Chantal in her office so they told me she is the one who can help. They were so impressed by her knowledge and professionalism.

When Chantal came to see me for the first time,she spoke very confident about the whole immigration process that I felt so optimistic about my future. Then I knew God was at work so there was hope at the end of the tunnel.Soon after 8 months with her legal help I was granted a deportation bail.A Christian family deposited a cheque and signed up the documents so I could move in their home.In 2007 I was able to get my immigration landing and my citizenship in Nov.2010. I owe it all to Chantal’s selfless dedication. 

I have to say during the whole immigration process my confidence in Chantal’s ability grew deeper and deeper.I could see her aim is to serve the clients in every possible way. She is incredibly humble,compassionate,sincere,generous and yet discreet in whatever she does.Her high level of professionalism in the office or in the courtroom is remarkable.

Her staff are so amazing and they treated me like their own family.Oh,I have to say Velitchka is second to none…my favorite.In terms of their legal fees,they are unbeatable.

I strongly recommend Chantal’s law firm for their high quality of services and if you or anyone you know who is need of immigration or citizenship services,I would say please come and talk to these experienced professionals and save yourself time,money and headache. 

Just to pay a tribute for the way Chantal and others have blessed my heart so graciously, I’m enclosing a poem I wrote a few years ago.

Love & blessings,

​R. M. (Pakistan)

After hearing a lot about Chantal from various people, my husband and I met with her along with an associate of hers. 

I have to say, from the onset of our meeting, Chantal really impressed us both. She was honest and straightforward. She was extremely helpful. What I found very comforting was that, unlike some stories that I’ve heard about of unscrupulous lawyers, Chantal will be ethical and follow the law and not mislead you. 

Her associate too was very helpful, and they both answered all our questions satisfactorily. 

I have subsequently recommended her to several friends, who have had similar positive experiences.

M. Tzotchev (Bulgaria)

Chantal has helped me with two cases: my refugee claim and my wife’s sponsorship application.

I was referred to Chantal’s office by a friend of mine, who had previously used her services and was extremely happy with the way his case was handled and the result achieved. Chantal and her team are very friendly and at the same time their service is at a high professional level. I am of the opinion that Chantal and her team really add value to the services by inspiring mutual trust, confidence and respect. We will always remember the happiness she brought to our family.

A. Choueiri (Lebanon, USA)

I met Chantal when I was in Canada needing legal assistance in regards to an immigration predicament I found myself in. Though my case was hopeless, Chantal did what she could to legally preserve my interest in a very difficult situation. I left Canada and that should have been the end of it, but Chantal persisted and we filed a second immigration application this time we were successful.

I should point out that the lawyer I had before I met Chantal surrendered early in the game and said that there is nothing more he can do. In contrast, Chantal helped to the end, and when I did depart Canada, she was instrumental in helping me come back. 

A. Malik (International Student)

My Study Permit Visa was twice rejected and I was extremely dejected until my friend referred me to Chantal Desloges. She made my dreams come true by representing me with professional excellence and I got the opportunity to join Masters in Education program at the prestigious University of Toronto. My Convocation is on 08 Nov 2010, Many Thanks to Chantal for her caring attitude and Legal expertise.

Ada K (Albania)

I looked at many law firms providing immigration services and was attracted most importantly by the statement that they would not take on clients whom did not stand a very good chance of succeeding.This seems to me to be an honest business policy, and would enable them to give a full and proper service to those that they agree to accept as clients. 

I am really impressed by your job! With your assistance, I found my immigration process much easier. All questions I had during the process were promptly addressed and resolved.
Legal advices provided to me were professional and exceptionally helpful.

I am absolutely satisfied with your service and would highly recommend this firm to all potential clients. If I had to do this again I would definitely trust your firm to help me.

S. Albayrak (Turkey)

Chantal Desloges is a top notch Immigration Lawyer in Toronto. She is very knowledgeable and excellent in determining the best strategy for clients individual situation when it comes to Immigration Law.

As a former client of Chantal Desloges I am very proud to say that she is the best one for anyone looking for assistance with Immigration issues as she will certainly act with honesty, passion and tremendous compassion, to secure client’s well being.

Knowing her for about ten years now, I’ve seen her assisting many of my friends and clients with their immigration issues. And, as a result, I have always had the best feedback from each of them regarding her professionalism and integrity as an Immigration Lawyer.

H. Bhagwani (India)

I am a client who has benefitted from Chantal’s knowledge and experience. I have known her for eight years, and have dealt with her as an individual and also for my company’s purposes.

She helped me start my business by handling the sponsorship applications for the first foreign workers, and thanks to her continued help, today I have more than 100 staff members.

Chantal’s integrity and professionalism cannot be matched. She is thorough, detail-oriented and persistent. I know that if Chantal is looking after my case, I can be assured of its success.

M. Sumar (Pakistan)

I have been helping friends and family with their immigration issues for almost 10 years. In the process I have worked with many immigration lawyers and consultants, both in Canada and in Pakistan. I have finally chosen the best of them to work with. 

Chantal Desloges Professional Corporation brings the advantage of personal attention that is only possible in a small firm with the experience and expertise of one of the most respected lawyers in the industry. Since immigration to Canada is probably one of the most important decisions in life, I, without any hesitation, would recommend Chantal to all of my friends and family for their immigration needs.

I. Pjeci (Albania)

I have known Chantal for many years, first as a client, then a student at Seneca Immigration Practitioner Program where she was a lecturer, and currently, I have an ongoing and very satisfactory business relationship with her law firm.

In short, Chantal not only passionately cares for all her clients, but she is very well equipped with the knowledge and experience to serve the clients in all matters of Canadian Immigration.

I strongly recommend you to retain Chantal’s services because she truly looks out for client’s best interest.

Natasha (Pakistan)

I have good news, my father got his landing documents yesterday. We cannot thank you enough for all the support and services you have provided. It’s a huge milestone for our family given how my dad had given up his immigration almost 20 years ago to support his family financially. 

The final step they said will be that they mailing the PR card in two months. We look forward to hearing from you then to complete this journey. Thanks again, and I will be highly recommending you to whoever needs such support that I encounter.

A. And S. Ohri (India)

We were intoduced to Chantal by one of our friend and have been her Clients since 2006. She has been a savior at the time when everyone else said no and couldn’t help us out.

I came as a foreign student, finished my studies and went on post–grad work permit. After Expiry of my post-grad work permit, in order to live and apply for permanent Residence, I surely required a legal status (I wasn’t interested in applying for another student permit, as was advised for same by every other lawyer, I went to).

I came as a foreign student, finished my studies and went on post–grad work permit. After Expiry of my post-grad work permit, in order to live and apply for permanent Residence, I surely required a legal status (I wasn’t interested in applying for another student permit, as was advised for same by every other lawyer, I went to). It was only Chantal who, confidently right away told me that “LMO can be done”. and believe me she didn’t leave any stone unturned to keep us (me and my wife) in status. She is expert, qualified and simply the best. She is very hard working and will use best of her skills at appropriate time to solve problems.

Every time we went to see her during the process of our application, she always been so considerate and was well aware of what we were going through as immigration Canada took too long to process our application ( immigration has their own fair reasons for the delay). To me, she excels her trade and I have referred her to many of my friends, who were looking for honest and sincere advice on their issues. To us, Chantal will always be a sunshine, if we will look back into our past. She is the best of the best and would suggest consulting her for legal issues. 

S. Daliwal (India)

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation Chantal Desloges. I had hired Chantal as my lawyer in 2003 for a case regarding my husband’s immigration. I have known Chantal for the past seven years, initially as my legal advisor and now as my friend. My husband and I were very impressed by the efficiency with which Chantal handled our immigration case.

Most communication was via e-mail and all of our concerns were promptly addressed either by Chantal or by her assistants. In addition to her efficiency Chantal provided us with excellent guidance at a time when it was most needed, especially the few days prior to our scheduled interview with the Immigration officers. abroad. Chantal’s guidance made the whole process more efficient and less stressful than it would have otherwise been.

Chantal: it’s been a pleasure being your client. At times where time was limited, and I needed excellent advice and support, you were there. My situation was handled with the utmost care, and I can’t thank you enough. You truly knew the situation I was in and you demonstrated that you cared about me and my family’s future. Only a special person can foster that kind of work ethic and support. I would like to sincerely thank you for the way you handled everything and the extra care you contributed to this case. You will always be the one and only person that was able to bring my husband home. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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